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Who is the market leader in Cylindrical, Square, and Soft Pack Lithium Battery Structures?

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Who is the market leader in Cylindrical, Square, and Soft Pack Lithium Battery Structures?

The three most common types of lithium battery packing are round, square, and soft pack.

1. Lithium-ion cylindrical battery

Cylindrical lithium batteries are classified as follows: lithium iron phosphate, lithium cobalt oxide, lithium manganate, cobalt, manganese mixed ternary materials of various systems, the shell is classified as steel shell or polymer, and batteries of various material systems have different advantages.Market penetration is really high. The cylindrical lithium battery uses a reasonably mature winding process with a high degree of automation, consistent product quality, and a cheap cost.Cylindrical lithium batteries are more common among Japanese and Korean lithium battery firms, however large-scale organizations in China also manufacture cylindrical lithium batteries.The structure of a typical cylindrical lithium battery includes: positive cover, safety valve, PTC element, current cut-off mechanism, gasket, positive electrode, negative electrode, separator, and casing.

2. Lithium-ion square battery

Square lithium-ion batteries, often known as aluminum or steel square battery casings, are particularly popular among Chinese consumers. The battery capacity has become increasingly important with the expansion of automotive power lithium batteries in recent years, and Chinese power lithium battery manufacturers are largely utilized. The aluminum shell square battery with a high battery energy density is the most often utilized. A square battery is not the same as a cylindrical battery. The shell is made of high strength stainless steel, and accessories such as an explosion-proof safety valve are employed. Overall, the accessories are light in weight and dense. In two separate procedures, square cells are wrapped and laminated.However, because the square lithium battery may be changed based on the size of the product, there are hundreds of different versions on the market, making the procedure difficult to standardize. Square batteries are fine for common electronic devices, but for many series and parallel industrial equipment items, it is recommended to use standardized cylindrical lithium-ion batteries, which are guaranteed and simpler to obtain replaceable batteries.

3. Lithium-ion soft pack battery

Positive electrode materials, negative electrode materials, and separators are the main materials used in soft-pack lithium-ion batteries, which are similar to typical aluminum-shell lithium-ion batteries. The most notable distinction is the flexible packing material (aluminum-plastic composite sheet). The most important and technically challenging material in batteries. The exterior resistance layer (typically an outer protection layer comprised of nylon BOPA or PET), the permeation resistance layer (aluminum foil middle layer), and the inner layer (multifunctional high barrier layer) are the three layers that make up flexible packaging.

Pouch battery packaging materials and structures have a number of benefits, including: good safety features, pouch battery structure selection, aluminum plastic film packaging, security attack, pouch battery weight is 40% lighter than steel-ion batteries of the same capacity, it is 20% lighter than aluminum-lithium-ion batteries, and it has low internal resistance. The battery's internal resistance is lower than that of a lithium battery.

It has an excellent cycle function, which increases the soft pack battery's cycle life. The 100-cycle attenuation is 4%-7% lower than that of the aluminum shell. The design is adaptable; the form may be altered, and it can be made thinner. It may be modified to create new models. Battery. Soft pack batteries have low consistency, expensive costs, and short-term attack leakage. The high cost can be addressed by mass production, and leakage can be addressed by enhancing the quality of aluminum plastic film.The three structural qualities mentioned above: the chemical activity in the corners of the square battery is weak, and the long-term performance of the battery is more visible.

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