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What is the difference between 9V carbon battery and alkaline batteries

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What is the difference between 9V carbon battery and alkaline batteries

1.carbon and alkaline batteries are dry batteries, which are divided into two types according to the material.   

2. The full name of carbon battery should be carbon zinc battery (because its positive electrode grade is generally carbon rod, the negative electrode is zinc skin), also known as zinc manganese battery, is currently the most common dry battery. It has the characteristics of low price, safe and reliable for use. Because carbon batteries contain the heavy metal cadmium, they must be recycled to avoid causing damage to the earth's environment.(So we usually use carbon rods as the positive electrode, and galvanized batteries as the negative electrode to recycle).

3. Alkaline battery is also known as alkaline dry battery or alkaline zinc manganese dry battery, suitable for the need for long-term discharge use of the instrument implement. The internal resistance of the alkaline battery is low, so the current generated is larger than the general zinc-manganese battery, while the mercury content of the environmentally friendly alkaline battery is only 0.025%, which does not need to be recycled. Based on the characteristics of environmental protection and high current of alkaline batteries, more alkaline batteries are used now.

4, the nominal voltage of both carbon batteries and alkaline batteries is 1.5V, but the alkaline battery of the same volume has a larger capacity and is more suitable for large current discharge.

5 .the essential difference between carbon batteries and alkaline batteries is the difference in the internal materials. In short, carbon batteries are made up of carbon rods and zinc skins, but they contain cadmium and mercury, which is not good for the environment. Cheap though, so in the market There is still a place, and alkaline battery does not contain heavy metal ions, high current, is conducive to environmental protection. Is the future direction of battery development! Sixth, alkaline batteries have 4-5 times the power of carbon batteries and 1.5-2 times the price of carbon batteries. Carbon batteries are suitable for small current appliances, such as quartz clock, remote control, radio, etc. Alkaline battery is suitable for high-current electrical appliances, such as BP machine, CD machine, electric toothbrush, electric toys, handheld computer, etc.

These batteries are particularly useful in long-life applications that require a lot of power due to their high energy capacity. Their applications vary, but they can found in a wide variety of industries, from medical to security.

So, 9V battery have more and more applications, like:

Multimeters, Guitar effectors, electrical measuring instruments, medical measuring instruments, geological instruments, wireless microphone, walkie-talkies, remote control vehicles, remote control aircraft, remote control toys, Wireless microphone,smoke detector,security sensors, smoke alarms,emergency beacons and monitoring devices,surgical lighting, data recorders, patient monitors.

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