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What are the reasons for battery swelling?

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What are the reasons for battery swelling?

1. Obstruction of the vent hole

If the vent hole on the battery cap is blocked or not unobstructed, gas generated during charging will gradually accumulate, leading to an increase in pressure inside the battery casing and ultimately causing battery swelling.

2. Overcharging

When the charging current of UPS batteries is too high or charging time is too long, a large amount of gas will be generated. In addition, excessive current or prolonged charging time can cause a rapid increase in electrolyte temperature, which can also lead to battery swelling.

3. Sulfation of battery plates

If sulfation occurs on the plates of UPS batteries, single-cell voltage and electrolyte temperature will rapidly increase during charging, bubbles will appear earlier and react more violently. This can easily lead to battery swelling.

What are the reasons for battery swelling?

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