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Soft packing LiMNO2 battery is the safest primary lithium battery.

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Soft packing LiMNO2 battery is the safest primary lithium battery.

Lithium manganese dioxide battery (Limno2 battery) is a type of primary lithium battery with 3.0 Voltage, which includes cylindrical cells (CR battery), such as CR123A and CR26500 batteries; square cells (CP, softpackage), such as CP355050 Battery and CP503742 Battery; and button cells (BR cell), such as CR2032,CR2450 and so on. The CP battery is a square lithium manganese battery with a soft packaging. It is also known as a lithium manganese dioxide 3V Pouch battery, a flexible lithium manganese dioxide battery, or a soft packing Li-MNO2 battery.

In comparison to other main lithium batteries, such as LiSOCL2 Battery, CR Limno2 Battery, in the structure of the use of aluminum plastic film packaging, soft-pack batteries will only be swelled in the event of a safety threat, no fire, no explosion. As a result, it is the most secure main lithium battery.

Furthermore, because the contact area between the positive and negative electrodes is bigger, as are the pulse current and power consumption of the battery, it is particularly ideal for applications requiring pulse signal transmission. The highest supported pulse current is 5A. Electronic pricing tags, Highway CPC cards, 2.4G and 5.8G active electronic tags, personnel location and material monitoring, wearable devices, smart homes, asset placement, and many other fields have strong adaptability in IoT applications.

Long-life, maintenance-free lithium batteries have reached the public consciousness as a result of the advent of sophisticated "Black technology" in the Internet of Things. At the moment, the most common types of lithium primary batteries (also known as non-rechargeable lithium batteries) are cylindrical, square, button-type, and ultra-thin soft packaging batteries. The battery is made of aluminum-plastic composite film, and the internal structure is designed to provide good current output for applications with high pulse requirements, while the high capacity also greatly improves the service life of the equipment. In addition, the battery has a wide application temperature range (-40 °C-80 °C), and the entire life cycle does not require charge maintenance, among other benefits.Customers in the sector are creating flexible packaging batteries.Soft packing LiMNO2 battery,Lithium manganese dioxide battery,primary lithium battery with 3.0 Voltage,CP355050 Battery,CP503742 Battery,lithium manganese battery with soft package,lithium manganese dioxide 3V Pouch battery,flexible Lithium manganese dioxide battery,soft packing Li-MNO2 battery,LiSOCL2 Battery,ultra-thin soft packaging battery.

Which is superior, the lithium battery soft pack or the lithium battery hard pack?

A soft-pack lithium battery is a polymer-wrapped liquid lithium battery. The structure is wrapped with aluminum-plastic film. In the event of a possible safety danger, the soft pack batteries would most likely swell and fracture.

There are two forms of subdivision in a hard-pack lithium battery: cylinder and square. The package's structure has many advantages and disadvantages, mostly to deal with varying market demand regions. The uniformity of hard-pack lithium batteries is somewhat difficult to ensure. There are more and more models, and it is impossible to be totally consistent with processing technologies. It is appropriate for customized production and manufacture, however it is not suited for automatic lithium battery production.

We have a number of lithium battery PACK production lines, aging, capacity division and other production equipment and a large number of experienced industrial workers.


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