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Will your boat battery get wet?

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Will your boat battery get wet?

Driving our yachts or fishing boats to experience the relaxing life on weekends and enjoy the joy of leisure, then will your marine battery come into contact with the water source that brings you, which will have a certain impact?

Your ship has its own set of requirements for the captain. Engine and exterior surface care are usually prioritized. Think about your marine battery. This tool is one of the most important items on board. Can you get wet? While marine batteries are designed for life on board, they shouldn't get wet for a number of reasons.

Moisture on the terminal side

If you're a boating enthusiast, you know that vibration is a problem with marine batteries. Every effort is made to prevent movement of the battery in its isolated location. However, water sometimes drips into the area.

Ideally, keep water away from the top of the battery. Terminals are located in this area, which creates power issues. Consider this situation:

water dripping onto the terminal
Current begins to flow between the terminals
The battery discharges at an alarming rate
The water forms an electrical pathway that causes electricity to leave the battery. In this case, the ship may run aground.

submerged base

Knowing your battery is important to keeping it charged and ready. A common myth surrounds the battery case. Many people think that plastic bases can be submerged in a small amount of water.

Although the plastic case is an insulator, the charge will slowly migrate from the battery. The water at the terminal or bottom is usually salt water. The salt molecules in the water allow the electricity to move easily. Boating enthusiasts must always know the condition of their batteries. Water around anything live is not healthy.

You may not realize that the battery terminals and housing aren't the only areas where water can be a problem. The battery may be installed in the perfect position, but the wires are hanging down into the water. Some energy may be released through the wire insulation into the salt water. Salt molecules perform their conductive role again to draw energy from the battery.

Ideally, secure the wire to a wall where water cannot reach it. Electricity may only flow from the battery, but it will have an effect over time.

fresh water
Fresh water affects marine batteries differently than salt water. There is some conduction, but it is suppressed to some extent. However, all water is corrosive. Continued exposure to fresh water can rust the battery and cause it to discharge slowly.

If you notice a battery submerged in fresh water, you should react as if it were salt water. Wipe the case and terminals dry. Marine batteries will always be negatively affected by any type of water. Be careful keeping dry in the hull.

Handle batteries with care

In addition to keeping your battery dry, you can perform multiple tasks to extend the life of your battery. Try these tips, including:

Apply dielectric grease to terminals
Add distilled water to batteries that require liquid
Install a cap or shroud on the positive terminal
Each care reminder reduces the chance of battery drain. There is no perfect way to preserve batteries for as long as possible. However, leaving the charge in the battery until power is needed is the best way to row. You'll always have strength when you need it. Just keep an eye on the battery in case water seeps into the container.

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