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"Lithium Battery Knowledge" Application lithium batteries

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"Lithium Battery Knowledge" Application lithium batteries

With the fast advancement of science and technology, the growing number of electronic intelligent gadgets, energy shortages, and environmental issues, there is a greater need for batteries. The fast advancement of lithium battery technology in recent years has made it even more favorable, and it is now extensively employed in a variety of areas. Transportation, medical, military, energy storage, and so forth are examples.

1. Use in the sector of transportation vehicles

(1) Electric automobiles

With the progressive expansion in automobile ownership in China, more dangerous air pollution has reached the point where it must be regulated and treated, particularly in several major and medium-sized cities. As a result of its features of no pollution, less pollution, and energy diversification, the new generation of lithium-ion battery has been intensively researched and implemented in the electric car sector.

(2) Electric cars with two and three wheels, etc.

At the moment, the majority of China's electric cars are powered by lead-acid batteries. Lead-acid batteries are not only heavy, but they also pollute the environment after disposal. When lithium-ion batteries are utilized, the battery's weight is greatly lowered, and it is generally ecologically friendly. As a result, the use of lithium-ion batteries to replace lead-acid batteries in electric bicycles is an unavoidable trend, and light, convenient, and safe electric vehicles will be embraced by an increasing number of people.

3) Public transportation

With the increasing energy crisis and environmental pressure today, green public transport will become a trend today. The bus from the previous fuel car to the current pure electric car, reducing the emission of exhaust gas, is a more environmentally friendly way of travel. As a new type of transportation tool, rail transit has higher efficiency and environmental protection. Are inseparable from the application of lithium batteries.

2. Applications in the field of electronic products

In recent years, China's lithium ion battery industry has maintained rapid growth, the system varieties become more complete, product quality continues to improve, and the application field continues to expand. While widely used in consumer electronic products, new energy vehicles, power tools and energy storage devices, the rapid development of industrial intelligence, military informatization, civil facilitation, and the rapid development of the Internet, the Internet of Things and smart cities also promote the continuous expansion of the lithium ion battery market.

3. Applications in the energy storage field

The application of energy storage mainly includes optical storage station, wind storage station and AGC FM power station; user side energy storage mainly includes optical storage station, home energy storage, backup power supply, etc.; grid energy storage includes substation energy storage, virtual power plant, peak / frequency modulation, etc. Energy storage lithium batteries have no direct requirements for energy density, but different energy storage scenarios have different requirements for the power density of energy storage lithium batteries. The application of lithium-ion batteries in the field of electric energy storage requires batteries to have safety, long life and high energy conversion efficiency.

4. Applications in the military field

In the context of information war, more and more digital weapons are emerging in modern war. Military energy is related to the combat effectiveness of the army and the overall security of the country. At present, lithium battery is widely used in the military field, such as field power supply, unmanned equipment, individual power supply, high-energy weapon power supply, etc. To become an indispensable source of energy in military operations. It plays an irreplaceable role in it.

5. Applications in the aviation field

Nickel-cadmium batteries are widely used in civil aircraft, compared with lithium batteries.

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