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Lipo battery of UAV

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Lipo battery of UAV

What is Lipo battery for UAV ?

We often see the use of Lipo batteries for drones. In fact, Lipo batteries are lithium polymer batteries, referred to as lithium batteries.

What should be paid attention to when using lithium battery for UAV ?

The battery of the drone needs to be used more carefully than the mobile phone charger, otherwise it will detonate.

When using UAV lithium battery, we should pay attention to :

1, read the instructions carefully before use, if the battery damage, do not hold a fluke to continue to use.

2,Avoid high temperature, in the case of temperature is not higher than40 °C, high temperature will cause fire. But the use of temperature can not be too low, you must have heard of a large mobile phone lithium battery temperature is too low will crash the ' legend ', it is not a legend, the temperature is too low will really shorten the service life of lithium batteries.

3, the battery power can not be set to zero, meaning that do not completely discharge. General electricity more than 20 % to use ; if less than 20 %, please charge. When charging, use a special charger.

4, carefully store the battery, not on sharp or hard objects, it is best to buy a special mat ; also don 't put in high temperature place, such as not open air conditioning compartment.

Lipo battery of UAV

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