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Li-SOCL2 – Safe In The Most Dangerous Conditions

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With environmental effect being way more important than decades ago, there are numerous things to be discussed, including industrial technologies based on Li-SOCL2 batteries. The implementation of new technologies should be planned carefully.

Most carbon-neutral initiatives are based on green energy sources and batteries. This is not a new discovery, but the development of industrial battery-powered products is rising rapidly due to their high demand, and in the next decade or two, it will be our primary energy source. That’s why discussing industrial battery supply is important, as an answer to the increased demand. Let’s go into what lithium thionyl chloride batteries are and how are they produced.

How Do Li-SOCL2 Batteries Work?

Firstly, we should classify batteries by their type. There are primary and secondary batteries. Primary batteries are non-rechargeable ones. Guess what secondary is. Yes, rechargeable.

Li-Ion batteries are rechargeable: Intercalation or de-intercalation are the main principles of these batteries. Ions are transferred between positive and negative electrode material, where electrolyte,(in this case liquid)  provides conductive material.

Most industrial battery suppliers focus on developing the most efficient batteries, especially rechargeable ones, due to their high demand in various industries.

Advantages of Li-SOCL2 batteries

As we mentioned earlier, most companies are focusing on environmentally safe sources of energy. Lithium thionyl chloride batteries can provide exactly that. This requirement will play a significant role in the future.

If we focus more on practical specifications, Li-SOCL2 has many advantages over others. Long life span is one of the main characteristics of these products, and it finds great usage in different industrial fields. Some can last up to 40 years, which can be pretty admirable compared to standard lithium-ion-based batteries.

They are applicable in many industries because of their durability in extreme conditions. These batteries can last in temperatures from -80 degrees to 125 degrees and be used from space stations to sterilizers. The safety of these products has risen to an envious level. Increased shelf-life, low self-discharge rate, and bobbin-type case are the physical characteristics that remove all safety concerns that you might have.

Li-SOCl2 batteries can be very interesting for backup power batteries. UPS is one of the most known devices that uses these principles. Industrial battery backup is a very important part of every complicated process. If one device stops due to lack of power, everything is terminated. That equals a lost time; that equals lost money. Nobody wants that!

Li-SOCL2 Batteries Usage of Li-SOCL2 batteries

Li-SOCL2 batteries are the perfect choice for all low-pulse devices. We can find these in everyday use, from medical instruments, measurement instruments, metering systems, onboard microcomputers, ETC systems, home safety systems, and many more.These are the perfect fit for security devices due to their long life span and durability under extreme conditions. Imagine having a wireless security camera that operates under temperatures under 0 degrees. They can’t function without proper energy input. That’s where these batteries come into play.

The best known usage of devices under high temperatures is in the medical industry during the sterilization process. It’s supposed to be in everyday use, and standard batteries couldn’t pass through this test.

Tracking devices are recently found as one that uses Li-SOCL2 batteries primarily.

 The last example is Apple Air Tag, based on the same principle. You can track all your devices for a long time without worrying about the battery.Tracking devices are as well used in the transportation of specific packages. In most cases, medical packages are transported in dry ice to lower temperatures up to -80 degrees. Standard batteries would lose track of these packages, but Li-SOCL2 are not!One of the companies that have worked on developing the perfect, long-lasting Li-SOCL2 battery with all the necessary equipment is Tadiran Batteries. With their product, you’re guaranteed a long life-span and terrific quality.

We have a number of lithium battery PACK production lines, aging, capacity division and other production equipment and a large number of experienced industrial workers.


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