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How to improve the reliability of the energy storage battery management system?

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How to improve the reliability of the energy storage battery management system?

We are very glad to live in the era of advanced science and technology, and we can enjoy the surprises brought by high technology.

Here, to give you a question, do you know which high-tech products will need energy storage batteries?

The use of large battery arrays as an energy storage system is gaining increasing attention. Tesla Motors has introduced a domestic and commercial Powerwall system to prove this point. The batteries in such systems are then continuously charged by the grid or other energy sources, and then they supply AC (AC) power to the user through the DC / AC inverter.

With battery as a backup power is not new, there are many kinds of battery backup power system, such as the basic 120 / 240V AC and hundreds of watts power desktop PC short backup power system, ships, hybrid vehicles or all electric cars using several kw special vehicle backup power system, telecommunications system and data center using power grid level hundreds of kilowatts backup power system and so on. While advances in battery chemistry and battery technology have attracted much attention, there is an equally important part of a feasible backup system based on the battery: the battery management system (BMS).

In the future,the battery types used in energy storage lithium batteries will basically be used for lithium iron phosphate batteries. Due to the inherent defects of lithium iron phosphate batteries themselves, the functional requirements of BMS are relatively high when designing large energy storage lithium batteries.

So what are the functional requirements of large energy storage lithium battery BMS?

1) Energy storage lithium battery BMS has the function of analog measurement: it can measure the single voltage and temperature in real time, and measure the voltage and current of the battery terminal. Ensure the safe, reliable and stable operation of the battery, ensure the service life requirements of the single battery, and meet the operation optimization control requirements of the single battery and battery pack.

2) Energy storage lithium battery BMS has online SOC diagnosis: on the basis of real-time data collection, the expert mathematical analysis and diagnosis model is established to measure the remaining power SOC of the battery online. At the same time, the SOC prediction is intelligently corrected according to the discharge current and ambient temperature of the battery, giving the battery residual capacity and reliable use time more in line with the changing load.

3) Operation alarm function of battery system: in the operation of battery system, when overvoltage, under voltage, overcurrent, high temperature, low temperature, abnormal communication and abnormal BMS occur, the alarm information can be displayed and reported.

4) Battery system protection function: for the serious battery overvoltage, undervoltage, overcurrent (short circuit) and other abnormal faults that may occur during operation, pass through the high voltage control unit.

To quickly cut off the battery loop, isolate the fault point, timely output sound and optical alarm information, to ensure the safe and reliable operation of the system.

In order to provide timely and reliable protection, the energy storage system has two hard nodes. When BMS detects that the battery system reaches the protection limit, BMS sends the protection limit value to PCS through the dry node, and charging and discharge are prohibited...

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