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How Do I Choose A Primary Battery?

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How Do I Choose A Primary Battery?

Primary battery has a wide range of applications, including Power Solution Electronic Toll Collection, Ocean Equipment, IOT, GPS Tracking Devices, Utility Smart Meters, Security Devices, Medical Devices, and so on.

It can still be found in people's daily lives. So, how do you take all of these considerations into account when selecting the finest battery? The correct primary battery (non-rechargeable battery) is determined by your unique demands and the application for which you intend to use it. Here are some guidelines to help you select the best primary battery:


1. Determine your requirements:

- Voltage: Determine the voltage required by your gadget. 1.5V (AA, AAA, C, D batteries) and 9V are common primary battery voltages.

- Capacity: Determine your device's energy usage and select a battery with sufficient capacity (typically measured in milliampere-hours, mAh) to power it for the specified period.

- Size and shape: Take into account the physical size and shape of the battery to ensure it will fit your device.

- Temperature range of operation: Some batteries work better in high temperatures, so evaluate your operating conditions.

2. Physicochemistry:

Primary batteries are available in a variety of chemistries, each with its own set of benefits and drawbacks:

- Alkaline: This type of battery is common, adaptable, and ideal for a wide range of devices.

- Zinc-carbon batteries are less expensive but have a smaller capacity than alkaline batteries.

- Lithium: It is lightweight, has a high energy density, and is appropriate for high-drain applications.

- Silver oxide: A long-lasting material that is frequently used in small, button-cell batteries for watches and devices.


3. Storage life:

Consider how long the battery can be stored before usage while still performing well. Some batteries, such as lithium, have a longer shelf life than others, such as alkaline or zinc-carbon batteries.

4. Environmental considerations:

Consider the battery's environmental impact and disposal. Some chemistries are more environmentally friendly than others, and recycling alternatives may differ.

5. Price:

Examine your financial situation. Different battery chemistries and brands are priced differently, so choose one that fits your budget while also meeting your needs.

6. Quality and brand:

Trusted and well-established battery brands frequently deliver more consistent and reliable performance. To choose a reliable brand, conduct research and read reviews.

7. Examine the manufacturer's recommendations:

Always follow the manufacturer's guidelines for the individual equipment you're using. For maximum performance, they may recommend a specific battery type or brand.

8.Consider using rechargeable batteries:

Consider utilizing rechargeable batteries if your equipment is regularly used and you want to prevent waste and save money in the long term. These, however, are not primary batteries because they can be recharged and reused.

9. Examine and monitor:

After you've decided on a primary battery, put it through its paces in your smartphone and see how long it lasts. This will allow you to fine-tune your battery option in the future.

Keep in mind that primary batteries are intended for one-time usage only and should not be recharged. In contrast, rechargeable batteries can be recharged and reused several times.

How should you select a bespoke battery for your product?

Do you have a brilliant design idea but are unsure about the type of battery to use? Do you have difficulty deciding on a customized battery? Watch the video below to learn how to get the best battery for your product!

Determine your use case.

You know which customers you need to service when you start designing your product. You may require different batteries depending on your needs. Is your product, for example, required to be waterproof? If this is the case, then all of the parts you employ should be waterproof. In this case, you must create a waterproof battery. If your product must be used in a colder environment, the parts of the product must be more resistant to cold. If you use regular batteries, the product's battery life may not be as long as it may be.

Furthermore, certain batteries self-discharge. If you need to store it for an extended period of time, it is advisable to select a battery type that can be stored for an extended period of time. You can also pick rechargeable batteries to boost your product's competitiveness and environmental friendliness. There is no doubt that selecting a good customized battery can increase the market value of your product.

Make sure you understand the battery size utilized in the product.

You can choose your battery size once you know the size of your product. You cannot utilize a larger mobile phone battery on your product if it is a watch! Of course, you can select your battery based on your objectives before determining the size of your product. If you have a brilliant concept right now, you would like to give clients with a long-lasting electronic watch. Then you must determine which battery material will deliver the longest battery life in the watch's size range. In general, the larger the battery, the greater its capacity. If you want to stand out among similarly sized products, you must carefully select your custom batteries.

Choose the battery voltage and output power.

Even identically sized batteries have varying voltages and power outputs. There is no absolute relationship between voltage and battery volume, whether it is a carbon-zinc battery, a lead battery, a lithium battery, or a hydrogen battery! If the batteries on the market are insufficient, you can link battery packs in series or parallel to suit your requirements. You can, of course, find a reputable battery provider to customize batteries for you.

Keep an eye on the battery life.

If your product is rechargeable, you should consider the battery's cycle life. One charging cycle entails using the entire battery power from full to empty and then charging from empty to full, which is not equal to one charge. A lithium iron phosphate battery, for example, consumes only half of its charge on the first day and then fully charges. If this pattern continues the next day, utilizing half the battery for a total of two charges, it will only count as one charging cycle, not two. The battery's life is determined by its materials and usage. Although we are all aware that following the directions for a product can significantly increase its life. However, we frequently have no control over where or how our products are used by clients. In this instance, we must do our utmost from the design stage to select proper battery materials. Not every product is appropriate for long-life batteries. This is determined by the nature of the product as well as your design concept.

To prevent breaking the law, it is best to pay attention to the laws of your target market when designing a product. Similarly, each country has its own legal battery guidelines. The European Union, for example, recently approved new battery standards. Keep a watch out for these modifications! This will be the market direction in which you will compete!

Locate the best battery customisation service provider.

If you are creating a new product. The product should still be updated. Bring your thoughts to us! We have the most battery kinds in the industry and the most professional battery customization service team, and we provide the best battery solutions for various goods all over the world. Put out your requirements today, and we will find a solution for you!

Guangzhou Giant New Energy Technology Co., Ltd.

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As a battery expert, we provide customers not only high quality cells and battery packs, but also the best battery solutions according to their products' design, helping customers save time for R&D and launch new products more quickly.

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