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Development Trends of Li Mno2 Battery

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Development Trends of Li Mno2 Battery

From the mid-1990s to the research focus

Lithium manganese dioxide batteries began to gain popularity. Beginning with a variety of small-size column batteries, and then making substantial advances in large-capacity battery technologies of market importance. 

In the United States, lithium manganese dioxide batteries developed by Canada, ultralife Battery, ny and hawker eternacell, and research batteries with better specific capacity and specific power are available. Since the 1990s, ultralife Battery Co., Ltd. has moved its research focus to specialized research on the promotion and use of lithium batteries in the market, particularly the study of high specific lithium manganese dioxide batteries.

According to the company's website, lithium manganese dioxide batteries are safer than other lithium primary batteries since their cathode material is solid. Based on extensive research into lithium-manganese dioxide batteries, lithium-manganese dioxide batteries give more than 50% more than lithium-sulfur dioxide batteries in the same volume. It debunks the myth that lithium manganese dioxide batteries are less efficient than lithium-sulfur dioxide batteries.

There are many domestic lithium manganese dioxide battery manufacturers

which are widely used in cameras, water meters, instruments, cardiac pacemakers and other micro-power consumption electronic products. Since lithium manganese dioxide battery seventy s independent development and research work, developed a series of cylindrical lithium manganese dioxide batteries and series buckle lithium manganese dioxide batteries, in some large research institute generally focus on high specific characteristics of lithium manganese dioxide battery, in the thin lithium manganese dioxide battery technology, lithium manganese dioxide battery high energy and lithium manganese dioxide battery high power research breakthrough, for lithium manganese dioxide battery in underwater application, special exploration application laid the technical foundation.

Typical technical achievements include: thin lithium manganese dioxide battery can be less than 1mm; the specific power of lithium manganese dioxide battery reaches and exceeds 580w / kg; and the weight specific energy of lithium manganese dioxide battery reaches and exceeds 300wh / kg. Lithium manganese dioxide battery is a 21st century lithium battery promising highly reliable, pollution-free chemical power supply, with the development of nanomaterials manufacturing technology, and low viscosity, good safety of multiple organic electrolyte system of further research, lithium manganese dioxide battery chemical performance will also have a greater degree, establish a high specific energy, high power, lightweight, miniaturization characteristics of the new electrochemical system, enhance electronic products in our country under the condition of high technology market competitiveness.

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