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Customize Ultra-thin lithium battery

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Customize Ultra-thin lithium battery

Ultra thin battery is a new type of lithium battery developed in recent years to meet the needs of the market. Because of its thin, flexible and other characteristics, it is widely used in many wearable devices, such as smart bracelets.

Ultra-thin lithium battery have ultra-thin LiMnO2 battery ( it's a kind of 3.0V non rechargeable lithium battery )and ultra-thin polymer battery ( it's a kind of rechargeable Lipo battery )



Ultra-thin lithium battery have many special features:

Thickness range (0.5 ~ 1mm), width range (7 ~ 70mm) can be customized, high energy density, high capacity, very good safety characteristics, excellent charge and discharge cycle characteristics.

Ultra-thin lithium battery applications:

Smart Bank card, campus card, subway card,Access Card, smart hotel room card, multi-function card,active radio frequency tag RFID, Bluetooth tracking card, electronic tag, medical equipment, heating suit, smart shoes, Smart Belt, portable sensor, Smart Tag, Micro Speaker, medical equipment, tracking device, etc.

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