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Can LiMnO2 Battery Be Charged?

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Can LiMnO2 Battery Be Charged?

As a manufacturer of LiMnO2 Battery, we will introduce LiMnO2 Battery to you.

LiMnO2 Battery is also LiMnO2 Battery. LiMnO2 Battery uses special process-treated manganese dioxide as the positive electrode active material, and uses high-potential and high-specific energy lithium metal as the negative electrode active material. The electrolyte uses an organic electrolyte solution with good conductivity. LiMnO2 The structure of the Battery has two forms: fully sealed and semi-sealed.

There are two types of LiMnO2 Battery: rechargeable and non-rechargeable. The rechargeable LiMnO2 Battery is also called lithium manganese oxide battery. In addition, rechargeable LiMnO2 Battery also has nickel-cobalt-manganese ternary batteries. The nominal voltage of the non-rechargeable manganese dioxide battery is 3.0V, the annual self-discharge is less than 2%, and it can be stored for 10 years at room temperature.

Reasons why LiMnO2 Battery cannot be charged:

1. Charging characteristics of LiMnO2 Battery

If an external charger is used to charge a disposable lithium battery, the reverse reaction of the discharge reaction will occur inside the battery to regenerate Li and Mn02, and the battery voltage will also increase.

As the charging continues, the voltage of the battery will gradually increase, and the maximum charging voltage can reach 3.5v. When the charged battery is left to stand for a period of time to make its internal balance reach, the open circuit voltage of the battery can be restored to the normal 3.2V (the rated voltage when there is a load is 3V).

During the charging process of the lithium manganese battery, the microstructure of the Mn02 and Li produced is not exactly the same as the original pure substance, and its activity becomes very poor. Therefore, when a charged battery is discharged, its capacity is much lower than that of a new battery.

2. The dangers of LiMnO2 Battery charging

Commercially available LiMnO2 Battery is marked with the words "charging prohibited" on the outside, emphasizing that this type of battery is not rechargeable.

①LiMnO2 Battery uses low-boiling organic solvents during production. Among them, the organic solvent of ethylene glycol dimethyl ether has a lower lightning point temperature. If LiMnO2 Battery expands due to heat or is not properly sealed during charging, it will easily cause ethylene glycol dimethyl ether. Ether volatilizes from the battery. If it encounters electric sparks or smoking sparks, it may cause burning and danger.

②In the charging process of LiMnO2 Battery, the internal reaction of the battery will generate Li, which is very prone to accidents such as combustion and explosion.

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