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Can I leave my drill battery on the charger?

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Can I leave my drill battery on the charger?

Battery-operated drills are a real lifesaver. The plug-in wire drills are used to keep you bound to use your drill only when plugged in the electric socket and could be used only where the wire length allows you to go. In contrast, battery-powered drills offer you the freedom to use drills without being bound with wire and the availability of an electric socket. As for the drill battery, you need to be careful while charging and discharging the battery as you’d want to enjoy maximum performance from the battery. Keep reading this article for knowing the best practice to charge and discharge your drill battery.

Is it OK to leave a lithium-ion battery on the charger?

Many people wonder if they can leave their lithium-ion batteries on charging without bothering to monitor the charging process and disconnect the charger once they are fully charged. Well, most lithium-ion batteries come with built-in circuitry that shuts down the charging process once it is 100% charged. But why take the risk? Though theoretically, these batteries can shut down to welcome any more current, practically if they are left on maximum charge for a considerable time then they will actually start degrading. The fully charged state makes the battery vulnerable to damage. This is why many smartphone batteries are now slowing down the charging process deliberately once it's 80% of charging and takes much more time to charge the phone till 100% battery so that if you forget to remove the charger then it won't damage the battery.To completely comprehend what happens to the battery when it is fully charged, you must first comprehend the built-in BMS (battery management system). The BMS functions like a fuse, indicating that it is the final resort and should be used as such. The BMS can prevent the battery from charging further, however this might cause permanent damage to the battery.Instead of leaving the charger on for hours (or overnight) without monitoring and relying on the last resort (BMS), it is better to keep a check on charging and disconnect the charger once the battery is fully charged to save the battery from any sort of prospect damage. Saving a battery from damage will not only prolong its useful life but will also ensure that the battery gives its 100% output and also saves any probable expense on battery repair or battery changing.

Can you leave a drill battery plugged in all the time?

No, it is not advisable to leave a drill battery plugged in indefinately. Leaving the drill battery plugged in indefinitely can surely wear the battery and can also harm the drill in some cases. Of course, leaving the battery on charge even if it's 100% charged occasionally won't cause much harm and the harm basically depends on the quality of the battery as well.The cheap batteries that come with Cadmium batteries will quickly be worn out if left on charging when already 100% charged. They can bear such high current inflow for a shorter period of time and will start degrading after some specific time lowering the useful life of the battery.You can also install high-quality expensive batteries in your drill such as lithium ion batteries. These batteries have sophisticated BMSs that can reduce current intake once the battery has absorbed the maximum charge. You can certainly leave such batteries plugged in for an extended period of time, but not "all the time." When these high-quality chargers are left on forever, the incoming current might heat up the drill circuit, causing damage even though the battery is still functional. Even if your battery is fully charged, you won't be thrilled with a faulty and malfunctioning drill. As a result, it is best not to leave your drill battery plugged in all the time; rather, charge it as needed and then unplug it for usage.

Should you keep lithium batteries fully charged?

Many people believe that keeping batteries 100% charged regularly is a prerequisite to getting maximum output from batteries. To your surprise, it is nothing but a misconception and a false judgment. Deep charge and deep discharge wear out your battery. It won't only affect the performance and output of the battery but also reduces its lifespan. If you want to get the optimum output from your lithium ion batteries without affecting their useful life then it is better to shallow charge and shallow discharge the battery. If you have no clear idea about the meaning of shallow and deep charge/discharge then let me elaborate on it for you. Deep charge refers to charging the battery to its full capacity or in other words 100% charging and deep discharging refer to completely exhausting or using the battery or in other words 0% battery. Whereas shallow charging refers to charging the battery between more than half of its full capacity and less than its full capacity or in simple words from 51% to less than 100%. As you can infer from these explanations shallow discharge means utilizing the battery capacity until it is half (50%) charged.When a lithium battery is fully charged (100%), it remains in the extremely stressful and unstable stage. Therefore you should never keep your lithium battery fully charged when using it on daily basis or even keep it in storage. Many people believe that if they store their batteries by charging that 100% then they will be able to enjoy fully charged batteries when they keep them out of storage. But practically, the battery will self-discharge lowering the capacity from 100% while in storage and the stress on the battery will also wear the battery lowering its useful life. So, it will be a lose-lose situation for you which you obviously won't like. The battery remains most stable and offers maximum performance when it is charged between 50% to 75% so it is advisable to shallow charge the battery and recharge it again when it reaches 50% battery capacity.

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