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CRAA Batteries

CR14505 CR AA size non rechargeable battery 3.0V LiMnO2 high capacity Cylindrical Battery Primary Lithium Battery PLC Battery
Model NO.:CR14505
Battery Size:AA size
Brand:SER or OEM
Working temperature:-40~+85℃
Applications:Utility metering,Memory back-up,Alarms and security devices,Automotive electronics,Tollgate systems,Military electronics,Automatic meter reading


Detailed Product Description
Battery Type: AA Size Voltage: 3.0V
Capacity: 1,800mAh Chemical System: LiMnO2
Size: Ø14.5*50.5mm Shelf Life: 10 Years
Application1: Electronic meter Application2: Detectors
Application3: Portable Communication Equipment Application4: Didital camera
Shape: Cyclindrical

High Light:

CR14505 CR AA size non rechargeable battery 3.0V LiMnO2 high capacity Cylindrical Battery

CR14505 CR AA size non rechargeable battery 3.0V LiMnO2 high capacity Cylindrical Battery

Technical specifications:
Battery Technology Lithium Manganese battery/ LiMNO2
Battery structure High capacity type
Nominal Voltage 3.0V
Nominal Capacity 1800mAh
Open circuit voltage 3.1V (at +20°C)
Cut off Voltage 2.0V
Max. Constant Current 10mA
Max. Pulse Current 100mA
Operating Temperature -40°C~+85°C
Storage Life ≥10 years
Self – Discharge Rate: <1% per year
External Diameter (Max) 14.5mm
External Height (Max) 50.5mm
Weights 10g


1.High continuous discharge current and current pulses.
2.High energy density, 260Wh/Kg.
3.Open circuit voltage above 3.2V for single cell.
4.Wide range of operating temperature(-40°C~+85°C).
5.Stable voltage and current over 95% of the cell capacity is discharged at high plateau voltage.
6.Long operating time (over 8 years) for continuous low current discharge with high current pulses.
7.Low self-discharge rate (less than 1% per year) and long storage life (over 10 year under normal room temperature).


The battery have wide applications:

Utility water/ Gas Meter, smart locks, Automatic Meter Reading;

Medical Equipment, CMOS memory backup, Tracking Systems,Remote Monitory Systems;

Law Enforcement (RFID), Earthquake Detectors, Digital Control Devices, Electronic Toll Tags;

Scientific Instruments, Portable Communication Equipment, Military Radio Stations;

and other electric powered devices requiring small size, high power batteries.

C Size 3.6V Er 6500mAh ER26500M Lithium Primary Battery 0

Packaging & Shipping

Packing: Tray bulk, Blister card, PVC shrink, Gift-Box, Nude packing, OEM packing, etc.

Shipping: Leadtime is 3-20 working days for normal orders.


CR14505 CR AA size non rechargeable battery 3.0V LiMnO2 high capacity Cylindrical Battery

CR14250 CR14250 CR1/2AA 3.0V LiMnO2 Cylindrical Battery Primary Lithium Battery (图2)

We can add the Pin, wire and connector on the battery according to requirement

C Size 3.6V Er 6500mAh ER26500M Lithium Primary Battery 2

Why Choose us?

Company Advantages:

We have been continously developing new products to meet requirements of different customers and applications since 1980. what's more, performance of batteries such as safety, energy density, temperature characteristics, discharge platform, resistance, cycle life is always improving.
Pursuing a business concept of “Quality First”, our assembly lines are certified by the Chinese military and ISO9001 quality system. We also have a fully equipped environment and reliability testing center to assure our products meeting military specifications.

High quality batteries:

Our batteries are in enough capacity, and lower in RI. Before shipment, we will 100% inspect and ensure battery quality well approved by our clients.

Better service:
Professional and experienced engineers can provide satisfied perfect solutions to customers. New designs can lead to actual products within 15days.A professional,dedicated and well known technical& marketing team with the ability to identify,support and serve our customers with diamante service.

We always offer customers with highest quality, reasonable price and intimate after-service to support them on marketing developing. It is our wish to obtain muti-benefit with global users through OEM and ODM business.

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We have a number of lithium battery PACK production lines, aging, capacity division and other production equipment and a large number of experienced industrial workers.


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