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LiMnO2 Ultra-thin Cell 3V CP502525 Battery
Model NO.:LiMnO2 Ultra-thin Cell 3V CP502525 Battery
Shape:rectangular, prismatic
Battery Size:5*25*25.mm
Brand:SER or OEM
Working temperature:-40℃~+60℃
Applications:RFID active card, Alarm or security equipment (smoke detector,alarm system), Asset tracking system(animal, container,person tracking), Medical equipment, Life Jacket Light

Ultra thin battery catalogue(图1)

CP502525 Lithium Manganese Dioxide LiMnO2 Battery Ultra-thin Cell 3V CP502525 primary battery

3.0V CP303450 Prismatic LiMNO2 battery
Capacity 1250mAh @ 1 mA to 2.0 V @ 23° C
Dimension 3.0*40*50mm
Electrical Constant Discharge Current 100mA
Pulse Discharge Current

400 mA,

Varies according to pulse characteristics, cell history and the application, Consult SER GROUP

Physical Terminals/ Connector Nickel Tabs(Stainless steel optional) or OEM
Others Working Temperature -20-65℃
Storage Temperature -5~35℃
Self-life rate ≤ 2%


Battery model: LiMnO2 Ultra-thin Cell 3V CP502525 BatteryCP502525.jpg

Battery brand: SER

Battery performance index

1. Battery capacity: (23±2℃, 10 mA/2.0V) 550mAh

2. Open circuit voltage: ≥3.0V

3. Cut-off voltage: 2.0V

4. Max Continuous working currents: 200mA

5. Max pulse working current: 400mA    

6. Max dimension: 5.0*25*25mm

7. Operating temperature range: -20~+60℃

8. Battery storage life: 5 years (Storange: clean, below +20℃,  dry and ventilated.)

9. Jacket: Flexible Aluminum Foil Packaging


Do not recharge, short circuit, crush, disassemble, heat above +100℃, incinerate,or expose contents to water. Dispose of used batteries properly in case of explosion, burn and leakage.


Ultra thin battery catalogue(图4)

Main applications:

1. Nonstop charging system; 2. Intelligent parking lot;
3. Container identification; 4. Vehicle charge check;
5. Mine personnel identification; 6. Automated railcar identification management;
7. Automated road charge management; 8. Automated voyage passengers luggage identification;
9. Vehicle entry and exit control; 10.Compus all-purpose card;
11.Repasting card and public transportation card; 12.Associator card, drive license card, and health card;
13.Animal identification(raising cattle, sheep, pigeon,etc); 14.Automate management of logistic and storage;
15.Automobile remote control lock; 16.Intellectualized door etc.


Production Process.jpg

Company Advantage

Li-SOCL2 Batteries Catalogue(图6)

ER18505M Power type 3.6V A size Primary Lisocl2 Batteries Flat Top Lithium Thionyl Chloride battery(图2)
ER18505M Power type 3.6V A size Primary Lisocl2 Batteries Flat Top Lithium Thionyl Chloride battery(图3)

With three producing bases, sixteen

advanced manufacturing lines, over

1650 staff, we can produce 20000,00

primary cells and 600,000 rechargeable

battery packs per month.

Founded in 2004, Guangzhou Ser

Battery Technology Co.,Ltd is CE. UL.

SGS, IEC and ISO9001 certificated

High-tech company.

Customers' interests always goes

first,SER has a professional sales

team, shipping team and after

sales team to provide you with

the best solutions and timely service.

ER18505M Power type 3.6V A size Primary Lisocl2 Batteries Flat Top Lithium Thionyl Chloride battery(图4)
ER18505M Power type 3.6V A size Primary Lisocl2 Batteries Flat Top Lithium Thionyl Chloride battery(图5)

ER18505M Power type 3.6V A size Primary Lisocl2 Batteries Flat Top Lithium Thionyl Chloride battery(图6)

Efficient and innovative R & D team

helps the company lead in product

design and superior performance

While keeping core competitivenes,

SER also takes into account relevant

social, economic and environmental

goals, and always maintains sustained

profitability and development capabilities.

For many years, the professional
SER team has focused on the lithium
battery industry, and has taken every
product as a work of art with firmness,
steadiness and excellence.

Product Advantage

 1. Full range of battery categories

 17 years of development, SER have
 the ability to offer many product
 categories:Lisocl2 Battery, LiMNO2
 battery, LiPO battery and LiFePO4

2. Safety

 The perfect protection IC has been used,
 undervoltage, short-circuit, overload,
 backflow,and we have carried out strict
 inspections and external tests, make sure
 no quality problems in the hands of

3. Excellent and stable performance

 Strict control for cleanliness in dust-free
 workshop from IQC,IPQC to OQC, we
 control every step strictly CE, UL, SGS,
 FCC,ROHS and ISO9001: 2000 certified.

 4. OEM & ODM Ability

 Professional engineers have rich
 experien ce in OEM& ODM. The
 independent labs have  many
 sophisticated machines and design
 softwares always guarantee our OEM
 &ODM projects always keep in
 high level.

 5. Technology

 Our dedicated and experienced engineers

 team always work together to our customers
 from their product design to battery solution
 and mass production,Reduce their time cost
 and communication cost.  

6. Delievry

 Fast delivery with standard package,will
 bring you a professional experience with
 long-term cooperative freight company
 and stable routes.

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We have a number of lithium battery PACK production lines, aging, capacity division and other production equipment and a large number of experienced industrial workers.


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